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     Frankie Sounds

Jigsaw Puzzles (
     Maggie & Bianca
     Maggie & Greenlee
     SSW #1
     SSW #2
     Liz, Jon & Eden

Fan Artwork

     Maggie & Bianca
     'Right on the Tip of My Tongue' - Diesel (by Sarah)
     'When You Say Nothing At All' - Allison Krauss (by Karen)
     'Nearness of You' - Norah Jones (by Randi)
     'I Believe in You' - Amanda Marshall (by Erin)
     'Secretly Waiting' - Marry Me Jane (by Randi)

     'That I Would Be Good' - Alanis Morrisette (by Andrea)
     'Puddle of Grace' - Amy Jo Johnson (by Andrea)
     'Crawl' - This Way (by Andrea)
     'Out of Bounds' - Amanda Marshall (by Randi)

     'Lightening Crashes' - LIVE (by Andrea)
     'Damaged' - Plumb (by Andrea)

     Frankie & Bianca
     'Kissing You' - Des'ree (by Erin)
     'I'll Always Be Right There' - Michelle Branch (by Karen)
     'All You Wanted' - Michelle Branch (by Lori)
     'Need to Be Next To You' - Leigh Nash (by Lori)
     'Naked' - Avril Lavigne (by Lori)

Above photo Henrik Olund (Soap Opera Digest)